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Information On Housing Law in The USA

housing law in the USA

The housing law is detailed in each state both at the state and federal level


It is important to recognize the legalities of what is taking place before making a decision. It is essential for landlords to recognize what is legal and what is not before putting up the house for rent.

It is going to lead to a lot of trouble that could have been avoided by either hiring legal counsel or understanding the laws to the best of your ability.

Here is more on housing law in the USA and what you need to know.


1) No Discrimination Is Allowed

The first and most important part of the housing law has to be the discrimination component.

Landlords are not able to discriminate based on gender, race, national origin, or any other differentiating trait.

The listing cannot mention this nor can anything else that ensures people of a specific kind cannot rent the property.

If a person is charged and found guilty of discriminating, the housing law is severe and unrelenting.

It is smarter to be aware of what constitutes as discrimination and not toe the line in this regard. It is smarter to stay legally compliant at all times.


2) Contract Is Mandatory

It doesn’t matter who you are because, in all states, you are going to need a contract that will be signed beforehand. The contract is going to list the amount that is owed each month, the amount being paid “in advance”, notice periods, and all other details.

You will have to make sure both parties are happy before the signing is completed.

It is smarter to get legal counsel to do this as they will be able to pinpoint what has to be looked at ensuring both parties are happy with the deal and are on the same page.


3) Notice Is Required Before Eviction

An immediate eviction is only tangible based on the law being broken. If the tenant is charged, housing laws ensure the landlord and their property are protected. The notice is not required.

However, it will still have to be done legally even if the waiting period is removed.

For all other cases, which make up the majority of what is going to be seen, the state will put in a “waiting period” This could be 30 days which can be given to the tenant to find a new place.

It is a simple “heads up” warning that it is time to leave. This is going to be written into the contract.

This is all of the information on housing law in the USA and what landlords have to be looking out for. It is one thing to find tenants and another to make sure you are following the law as needed.

You don’t want to be charged because you were not following the law to a tee.

Be smart and go through all of the legalities of being a landlord beforehand and make sure you pass the test.

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